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About Holistic Learning Solutions

View More: Sayani has dedicated her life to working with children and their teachers and families. Helping others discover and live up to their genius potential her their passion. Her holistic approach to life helps people bring more success, balance, and joy into everything they do. With over two decades of combined experience in the field of education, Shay has helped hundreds of children, teachers, parents, and administrators become the best versions of themselves.


In 2002, Shay graduated from University of California Irvine with Bachelor Degree’s in Psychology and Sociology. Following that, she obtained her teaching credential and master’s in teaching from Chapman University. Once in the field, Shay co-created and implemented a successful Independent Study Program, using a holistic perspective in which students thrived regardless of ethnicity, learning abilities, or emotional behavioral challenges. Shay is a certified Innerlight Energy Balancing Therapy Practitioner as well.

Combining their skills in education, sociology, psychology, yoga, and energy healing, Shay and Nicole founded Holistic Learning Solutions, LLC. Through the company, they share their expertise, knowledge, and skills to educate people and help them create balanced lives, enabling them to thrive on all levels. Using their many talents, Nicole and Shay enlighten others on the importance of approaching life and learning from the holistic understanding that emphasizes the connection between the parts of self and the whole self.

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