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Aveson School of Leaders


Aveson School of Leaders is a charter school in Altadena, California that focuses on personalized learning, social leadership, and healthy living. They have a dedicated team of academic advisors, administrators, and support staff. When we began working with Aveson, their immediate need was support in reducing the number of children being referred to the behavioral support team for disrupted behaviors and measurable improvement in the children’s behavior in the classroom.


By the end of four weeks, there will be a reduction in disruptive behaviors in at least 50% of the children receiving IEBT.

Customized Support

Our Tier 1 approach consisted of identifying students for IEBT and performing energy balancing for 17 students over the coarse of four weeks. Coinciding with this support, we provided one-on-one customized in-class observation and feedback with strategies and solutions for how to best manage student behavior in the classroom. Both the parents and the teachers of the 17 students were asked to list one to three concerns for each child and rank the concerns on a scale of 1 – 10, with 1 being least severe and 10 being most severe. After the four weeks, parents and teachers re-ranked the concerns for each child.


Of the 17 children who received IEBT, 13 or 76% of them had a reduction or complete elimination of disruptive or self-abusive behaviors. Below are some examples of concerns with results (Note: this is just a sampling of the data. The complete data set can be viewed upon request.)

Parent Concern(s) Before IEBT After S3
Fixation on fantasy/cartoon characters and their worlds 9 5
Scratching head 9 0
Biting nails 9 9
Attention span 5 3
Teacher Concern(s) Before IEBT After EBT
Bolting/group avoidance 7 5
Anxiety towards getting in trouble and towards students 8 5
Fixated behaviors to objects and students 10 8


Parent Concern(s) Before IEBT After S3
Defiance – 0-10 anger, frustration quickly, screaming tantrums 10 6
Challenges staying in groups, if someone contradicts him he cannot self regulate, aggression (feels threatened) 8 6
Sensory issues – tags/socks, scalp cannot be touched 6 2
Teacher Concern(s) Before IEBT After EBT
Oppositional defiance 10 2
Blowout behavior 8 1
Group avoidance 5 3
Anxiety 5 2


Parent Concern(s) Before IEBT After S3
Becomes quiet, shy and withdrawn 8 5
Lashes out aggressively 8 5
Stomach bothers him 3 1
Teacher Concern(s) Before IEBT After EBT
Hitting other students, anger management 8/9 3/2
Avoiding non-preferred tasks 8 6
Withdrawn when emotional 10 10

Moving Forward

We are continuing our work with Aveson in the fall with a more comprehensive plan to work with cohorts devised of identified children, their teachers, and parents. In addition to the IEBT and customized classroom support, we are planning on assisting parents and teachers with our Social and Emotional Development Curriculum, workshops on social, emotional, environmental, and mental energies, as well as yoga for the community. We’ll keep you posted on our progress with Aveson!

Teacher Feedback

Name: Sofia Rogers Date: June 9, 2014

Did your philosophy of education change based on the support you received? If so, please explain.

I feel that my philosophy of teaching was strengthened by the support I received.  I believe that all children can learn, but you just have to find the way that works for the individual.  I was trying traditional methods that weren’t working for me in getting all students engaged.  With the help of Ms. Shay and a slight change in thinking, I’m on my way to getting all my students engaged, focused and on task.

Based on the support that was given, in what ways did your students benefit?

Upon observation, Ms. Shay gave me strategies to make sure every scholar was participating in one way or another.  She helped me implement “voice and choice” with the scholars.  She allowed me to see things in a new perspective. It helped me to play to the scholars’ learning styles.

She also showed me strategies for helping center a student who was having anxiety and social issues.  Having these strategies, helped the student remain focused longer than he had the previous weeks.

Were you able to learn about your strengths and utilize them in your practice? If so, please give an example.

Yes, I learned that I am able to get most of my students engaged, but with a slight change in thinking I can get all of my students engaged.

Were you able to improve on your areas of need? If so, how? If not, please explain how the support could have been better.

I struggled with getting all of my home-schooled scholars involved in all aspects of our program.  Ms. Shay gave me “outside the box” ideas on how to get all scholars involved.  With the help of Ms. Shay, I was able to get all of our scholars involved in our biggest project of the year.  Everyone was engaged and on task.  It was a great feeling all around.

Was your coach able to meet your needs and expectations? Please explain.

I am very grateful to have had Ms. Shay come in and observe and offer her expertise.  With her help, I was able to gain the confidence I needed in the classroom.  She helped me see things in a new way to get all students involved, just by giving them a choice to do something a little different.

Please describe any other ways in which you found the support helpful, including any changes in your teaching method or changes in your students.

I work with home schooled students who come to school once a week for community and social skills building.  They are not your typical students.  I struggled with engaging them from week to week.  I don’t see them every day, making it difficult to build a rapport with them.  It takes me longer to notice each of their learning styles.  Having started to implement “voice and choice,” I’m learning what their learning styles are.  The last part of the semester, they were engaged and focused.  It was a great feeling for all.  I saw the excitement in their faces as they were busily working on their project.

Would you recommend Holistic Learning Solutions to another teacher or school? Please explain why or why not. If not, please give recommendations on how the support can be improved.

I would definitely recommend Holistic Learning Solutions.  Ms. Shay is a pleasure to work with. She will come in and observe and make you feel like you’re doing the best job in the world.  She is very tactful when offering feedback.  She in no way will make you feel like you are less than.  She focuses on the positive and moves on from there.

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