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Pasadena City College

At Pasadena City College we work with the Foster and Kinship Program. We facilitate workshops on social and emotional skills, working with the foster parents as well as the foster children.

Here’s what some of the foster parents had to say about our Authentic Communication Workshop:

“Nicole and Shay communicated the true meaning of authentic communication. I enjoyed the shared ideas and learning about different communication styles that have shaped my growth in life.” – Laverne

“The best part (of the class) are the exercises that show you first hand how to recognize and respect the nuances of our own and our children’s individual needs. This makes me a better person.” – Linda

“It was a great class. I learned a lot about myself. I hope I will be able to communicate better with my friends and family (as a result).” – PCC Foster Parent 

“Nicole and Shay were able to address my needs by their teaching style and knowledge.” – PCC Foster Parent


Workshop Photo


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