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Available Services

At Holistic Learning Solutions, we customize our support to meet your individual or group needs. Based on our wide variety of services, we create a Personal Plan for each person, family, group, or organization that will help you attain your goals and move you towards a better quality of life.

Services Include:

Customized Coaching 

  • Holistic Profiling
  • Customized Learning Reports

Holistic Healing Modalities 

  • IEBT (Innerlight Energy Balancing Therapy)
  • SRT (Self-Regulating Therapy)
  • EEM (Eden Energy Medicine)

Intuition Development 

  • Self Discovery Classes/Workshops
    • Brain Based Challenges
    • Self-regulating Strategies
    • Chakra Study
    • Intuitive Processing/Learning
    • Biography Study/Application
    • Social/Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Development  

  • Authentic Communication and Life Skills

Yoga for Children and Adults

  • Kundalini and Hatha Yoga
  • Private Sessions and Group Classes
  • Energy Clearing Exercises


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