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My daughter has been expressing feelings to me that she hasn’t been able to before receiving energy balancing therapy.

E. Haarlander



After working with Nicole and Shay, my son is much more calm and having less angry reactions. He is handling frustrations much better.

A. Fassi



After Nicole worked on my organization, I noticed marked improvement in the employees’ ability to learn. In addition, on a numbers level, about a week and a half ago, I got on two corporate reports beating over 400 stores. I am in the top ten. In my district of 18 stores I am beating sales for our promotional bean, 180% over target sales, in a store that has previously been on the bottom for bean sales.

O. Barry, Manager of Peet’s Coffee



I have had the privilege of having all three of my children worked on by Nicole and Shay. My son Gunnar who is the oldest is on the Autism spectrum. Since working with Shay and Nicole, Gunnar has been able to improve his focus. He is less hyperactive and follows instructions better. He is also able to persevere and complete things more readily.

My middle son Mason has no special needs, but I feel is sometimes affected by the behaviors of his two brothers. Before seeing Nicole, Mason had terrible nightmares on a regular basis. Since his energy therapy sessions, he has not had any and sleeps through the night! He is also much calmer, leads himself more, and makes better choices.

Marcus, my youngest son, has completely stopped biting during play and no longer pulls on his eyelashes. His communication has improved tremendously. We have seen incredible progression with his speech. Even his speech pathologist has notices the significant and dramatic improvement. He has also stopped having nightmares and now sleeps through the night.

I am so pleased I found the Innerlight Sanctuary. Nicole and Shay’s support has helped our family tremendously!

Debra Sivalingam



Since Nicole and Shay worked with me and my daughter, things are going really well. We seem to have shifted something that is allowing us a more loving and harmonious relationship. I am grateful for the coaching on school placement for Vivienne as well. She is very happy with her new school and is thriving there.

Lisa Moncure 



Both Nicole and Shay capture the essence of their courses and have the abiltiy to transfer their energy to the class.

PCC Foster Parent  

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